Hi, I'm Mara. My journal is semi-locked; if you want to be friends, leave me a comment here. I will only add you if I've seen you around and know there is some common interest between us. I rarely use my journal nowadays so adding me won't be very exciting.

I used to be a volunteer for livejournal, that's how I got the support points on my profile. You can easily become one yourself if you feel like helping out.

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It's not fall yet but it's already so cold outside. It's gonna be a long, dark winter and I'm going to spend most of it sad and missing the people I loved. I'm so lonely in this city. I wonder if I should permanently move to another country after I graduate, like Lebanon or Australia where there's family everywhere. Or if I should try and make a new life here. I feel like my life's already over. I just feel so lost and I can't seem to get myself out of it, even when things are looking good. I'm just going through the motions for the people around me but inside I'm not okay anymore.


Going through my old tumblr (RIP proenza). Thought I would post some of my favourite photos. All of these are my edits (that means I cropped them, airbrushed them, coloured them and posted them) so please do not repost even though I'm sure they're all floating around tumblr somewhere...

I don't really pay attention to fashion anymore (editorials were what got me in, and I found myself having seen them all with new ones coming in too slowly and new ones sucking shit in comparison so my general interest in it started to fade). I still care for it though and I'm sure one day I'll be back at it. Anyway this is an archive for myself to look back on.

Frida Gustavsson
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